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Abraham Betancourt, MD

Fellow, Robotic Bariatric Surgery

About provider

Abraham Betancourt, MD is a gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeon with nearly 20 years experience practicing patient-centered medicine. His practice has focused on people who sometimes feel most vulnerable in the healthcare world, including the elderly and patients facing chronic morbid obesity.

Dr. Betancourt points out that, particularly with older patients, “It’s important to fully review the patient’s chart and history, and be particularly aware of both their mental health and nutritional needs after surgery. You must understand their quality of life before facing the disease they’re seeking help for, and the best way to ensure they get that physical and mental health back.”

Prior to joining the Palm Beach Digital Surgery Institute Dr. Betancourt completed a minimally invasive and GI Surgery Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic as well as a Bariatric Research Fellowship.

Dr. Betancourt chose to complete a specialized robotic bariatric surgery fellowship at the Palm Beach Digital Surgery Institute due to Dr. Parra’s reputation and approach to care.

“We’re going to help the patient get well,” says Dr. Betancourt. “We’re going to treat their diseases, and we’re going to help them navigate the health system in an easy way that helps them feel comfortable with us and with the hospital.”