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Articles and Book Chapters

The Palm Beach Digital Surgery Institute is dedicated to pursuit of best treatment practices and surgical technology. Dr. Parra’s research has been published in multiple peer reviewed scientific journals. The below links are a small sample.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Duarte-Miranda, Alexandre, Reinan-Ramos, Jose, Torres, Wilermo.
    Four-Arm single docking full robotic surgery for low rectal cancer: Techniques and post-operative outcomes. Journal of Coloproctology 2014; 34 (2): 87-94
  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Chauhan, S , Patel, M, Coelho, R, Liss, M, Rocco, B, Sivaraman, A, Palmer, K, Coughlin, G, Ferrigni, R, Castle, E, Ahlering, T, Patel, V.
    Preliminary Analysis of the Feasibility and Safety of Salvage Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy After Radiation Failure: Multi-Institutional Preoperative and Short-Term Functional Outcomes. Journal of Endourology. Vol.
    25, Number 6, June 2011.
  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo and Díaz-Hernández, Juan José. “Totally Robotic Left Colectomy.” Journal of Robotic Surgery. Special Issue: Robotics in General Surgery: Current Concepts. Vol. 5 Number 1
    March 2011
  • Parra-Davila Eduardo; Kim K, Rao A, Buffington CK. Safe progression to and performance of totally robotic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Obes Surg 20(9), 2010

  • CRSA Worldwide Congress
    Durham 2019 Robotic Large Scrotal Hernia Pushing the Envelope
  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Franklin, ME Jr; Abrego, D. Laparoscopic repair of postoperative perineal hernia.
    Hernia 2002 Mar; 6(1):42-4.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Nassa, A; Chakhtoura, N; Martin, D; Sleeman, D. Choledochal cyst diagnosed in pregnancy: a case report and review of treatment options. J Matern Fetal Med.
    2001 Oct; 10 (5):363-5.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Franklin, ME Jr; Diaz-E, J; Abrego, D; Glass, J. Laparoscopic-assisted colonoscopic polypectomy: The Texas Endosurgery Institute experience. Dis Colon Rectum.
    2000 Sept; 43(9):1246-9.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Hellinger, Michael; Martinez, Sergio; Yeguez, Carlos; Sands, Larry. Gasless Laparoscopic-Assisted Intestinal Stoma Creation Through Single Incision. Dis. Colon Rectum 1999; 42: 1228-1231

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Munshi, Imtiaz; Sleeman, Danny; Levi, Joe. Intravenous Leiomyomatosis of the Uterus. Contemporary Surg
    Feb 1999 Vol. 54 (2), 83-87.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Ginzburg, Enrique; Dygert, Jimmy, Lynn, Maurice; Almeida, Jose. Coronary Artery Stenting for Occlusive Dissection After Blunt Chest Trauma .J Trauma
    1999 Jul; 45(1): 157-61.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Munshi, Imtiaz; Sleeman, Danny; Casillas, Javier; Levi, Joe. Ciliated Foregut Cyst of the Pancreas. HPB Surg
    1998 August; 11(2): 117-9.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Mckenny, Mark, Sleeman, Danny; Hartmann, Rene. Mesenteric Panniculitis. Report Case and Review of the Literature. Am Surg
    1998, Aug; 64 (8): 768-71. Review

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Munshi, Imtiaz; Armstrong, John; Sleeman, Danny; Levi, Joe. Retroperitoneal Abscess as a Consequence of Retained Gallstones Following Laparoscopic Colecystectomy. J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tec A
    1998 Apr; 8 (2): 89-93. Review.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Mckenny, Mark; Thompson, Charles; Martin, Larry; Sleeman Danny. Inferior Vena Cava Injuries: A Continuing Operative Dilemma. Contemporary Surgery Vol. 5 No.21-24, Jan-Feb.1997.

  • Parra-Davila, Eduardo; Sleeman, Danny; Almeida, José; Mckenny, Mark; Sosa, Jorge. Bedside Laparoscopy in the Critically Ill Patient. Critical Care International. Vol. III N.S. 11-12.1996.