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Your Path to Surgery

Step 1: Formal consultation with Surgeons

  • At this office appointment, the surgeon will review your medical history and perform a focused physical exam. You will have the opportunity to discuss surgical weight loss options with your bariatric surgeon and ask questions.
  • At the conclusion of your visit you will make an appointment to see our dietitian for weight management. Many insurance plans include requirements for completion of a weight management program prior to surgery. These often vary in length from one to six months.

Step 2: Complete 3 months of our weight management program

  • At conclusion of your 3rd month of our program a preoperative testing and consultation packet according to your history will be given to you. This packet includes a list of diagnostic and laboratory test, consultations, insurance requirements and support groups that you will be required to complete before proceeding with your weight loss surgery.

Step 3: Complete test, consultations, month 4-6 of weight management

  • Many insurance companies now require completion of all test within 6 months of surgery.

Step 4: Call for review & consent appointment (appointment to sign consent)

  • When all of your work up is completed please notify our bariatric navigator.
  • Once your navigator confirms she has all your consults and test results she will send the chart to our clinical team for review (this can take up to 2 weeks)
  • When the chart is cleared you will be called with an appointment for a “second visit”

Step 5: Review & Consent Appointment

  • During this visit you will meet with your surgeon once more and sign consent for surgery.
  • Patient most be able to knowledge of risk/benefit associated with the surgery they will be having.
  • You will be assigned a surgery date.

NOTE: You most provide a pre-op medical assessment from your primary care doctor at least 2 weeks before your schedule surgery date.

Step 6: Mandatory pre-operative review class with our dietitian

  • You will review the pre and post-operative diet and have the opportunity to ask diet related question.

Step 7: Surgery

  • We are your healthcare partner for life, as you enter a new, healthier chapter!